Innovative PXI Optical Test Solutions


Our expanding range of PXI optical test solutions are used by customers in fully-integrated test and measurement systems, reducing complexity, lowering the cost of test and accelerating time to market.

Integrate optical and electrical modules for simplified test solutions

Typical optical and electrical test systems involve complex integration and synchronization of instruments from different vendors, slowing down implementation, adding complexity and taking up valuable floor or bench space.

Our PXI optical modules integrate with hundreds of PXI electrical modules making it simple to synchronize, while offering high-perfomance processing and throughput, all with lower power consumption and smaller footprint.

Reduce testing time and stay ahead of the competition

Our PXI optical test modules have been implemented on high-volume optical and electrical test systems which have demonstrated a 20x improvement on total test times.

With PXI’s integrated timing and synchronization capabilities, you can build automated high-channel density systems to solve complex test and measurement challenges, keeping you one step ahead of the competition.

Rapidly expanding range of PXI modules

Our portfolio of PXI optical test modules is expanding to meet increasingly complex challenges in manufacturing, R&D labs, 3D sensing and silicon photonics.

If you would like more information on how our PXI optical modules can revolutionize your test & measurement, please leave your name and email below.