Teledyne LeCroy & Coherent Solutions Webinar

As the telecom industry gears up for 400Gbps data transmission rates, utilization of higher order modulation formats such as 16QAM is on the rise. While 16QAM has the potential to increase the data capacity of the QPSK format by a factor of two, it comes with a price: the complexity of optimizing your modulator increases by an even greater factor.

To meet this challenge, an Optical Modulation Analyzer is necessary in order to gain a full understanding of the optical signal characteristics and impairments. In this webinar, we outline an optimization process and demonstrate the capabilities of the Teledyne LeCroy / Coherent Solutions OMA, including parametric measurements, constellation and eye diagrams, and a toolkit of built-in and customizable DSP algorithms for chromatic dispersion compensation, polarization demultiplexing and carrier recovery. A live 16QAM signal will be analyzed.