Services & Repairs

Coherent Solutions commits to providing product service and repair for five years following the date of purchase.

To send any equipment for service or repair:

  • Contact us. Our support team will determine if the equipment requires service, repair, or calibration.
  • Before any service or repairs can begin you will need to complete the Return Merchandise Authorization Form.
  • If possible, back up your data before sending the unit for repair.
  • Pack the equipment in its original shipping material. Be sure to supply a statement or report fully detailing the defect and the conditions under which it was observed.
  • Return the equipment, prepaid, to Coherent Solutions.
  • Note: A test setup fee will apply to any returned unit that, after test, is found to meet the applicable specifications.

After repair, the equipment will be returned with a repair report.


Coherent Solutions certifies that the equipment meets its published specifications at the time of shipment from the factory.