PXIe Resources

Download drivers, installation guides and user manuals for our PXI Express modules and controller below.


PXIe software installation files

Note: This software is not required for matrIQ benchtop instruments.

File Description Size Version Link
CSLSoftwareInstaller (ZIP) Windows single installer package to support and control Coherent Solutions PXIe Modules. Package contains: NIDrivers: Version 1.2, CSLDrivers: Version 3.0.42, CSLServer: Version 2.08.24, cohesionUI: Version 2.08.12. 553MB 2.08.24 Download
CSLSoftwareInstaller release notes 4KB 2.08.24 Download
CSLServer release notes
cohesionUI release notes
LabVIEW (ZIP) LabVIEW 2015+ VI’s and Control Panels package for Coherent Solutions PXIe Modules 13.8MB 2.6 Download


PXIe software installation and user guides

File Size Version Link
PXI Software Installation Guide 469KB 1.07 Download
PXI Quick Start Programming Guide 1.2MB 1.02 Download
cohesionUI User Guide 516KB 1.03 Download


PXIe module user manuals

Product Size Version Link
LaserPXIe 1000 Series (tunable laser) 1.8MB 2.00 Download
LaserPXIe 1200 Series (DFB laser) 2.3MB 1.02 Download
O2EPXIe 2.6MB 2.00 Download
SwitchPXIe 1.8MB 2.03 Download
VOAPXIe 2.1MB 2.06 Download
PowerPXIe-1400, PowerPXIe-1500 2.5MB 1.08 Download
DopplerPXIe 1.8MB 1.01 Download
OSAPXIe 3.6MB 1.02 Download
PassivePXIe 1MB 1.02 Download
BERTPXIe 2.6MB 1.00 Download
EDFAPXIe 2.1MB 1.01 Download
PolScramblerPXIe 2.5MB 1.00 Download