PXIe Resources

Download drivers, installation guides and user manuals for our PXI Express modules and controller below.


Software installation

File Description Size Version Link
PXIe Software Installation Guide (PDF) Step-by-step software installation guide 955KB 1.1 Download
CSLDriverInstaller (ZIP) Windows driver package for Coherent Solutions PXIe modules 400MB 1.0.0 Download
CSLServer (ZIP) VXI11 compliant SCPI server to control Coherent Solutions PXIe modules 1.0MB 2.0.18 Download
CSLWebServer (ZIP) Coherent Solutions web application server for a web browser user interface 175MB 2.0.14 Download
LabVIEW (ZIP) LabVIEW driver package for Coherent Solutions PXIe modules 1.8MB 1.0 Download


User manuals

Product Size Version Link
LaserPXIe 1.8MB 1.4 Download
O2EPXIe 1.6MB 1.4 Download
SwitchPXIe 1.5MB 1.4 Download
VOAPXIe 1.8MB 1.3 Download
DopplerPXIe 1.8MB 1.1 Download