MTP Resources

Download drivers, installation guides and user manuals for our MTP chassis and blades below.


Application software

File Description Size Version Link
Test Instrument Manager application software (ZIP) Test Instrument Manager (TIM) software installer (including .NET) 93.5MB 3.6.14 Download


MTP and MTPmini chassis

File Description Size Version Link
MTP1000 installation guide (PDF) Installation guide for the MTP1000 9-slot chassis 1.5MB 1.5 Download
MTP1000 firmware (ZIP) MTP1000 chassis firmware 3MB 4.58 Download
MTPmini installation guide (PDF) Installation guide for the MTPmini 2-slot chassis 2MB 1.0 Download
MTPmini firmware (ZIP) MTPmini chassis firmware 736KB 4.62 Download



File Size Version Link
LaserBlade user manual (PDF) 3.2MB 1.4 Download
LaserBlade firmware (.bex) 67KB 2.4 Download



File Size Version Link
VOABlade user manual (PDF) 3.3MB 1.4 Download
VOABlade firmware (.bex) 53KB 2.14 Download



File Size Version Link
PowerBlade user manual (PDF) 1.8MB 1.4 Download
PowerBlade-Inline firmware (.bex) 58KB 2.8 Download



File Size Version Link
PowerBlade user manual (PDF) 3.1MB 1.3 Download
PowerBlade-Terminating firmware (.bex) Contact support



File Size Version Link
PolBlade user manual (PDF) 2.6MB 1.3 Download
PolBlade firmware (.bex) 46KB 0.4 Download



File Size Version Link
SwitchBlade user manual (PDF) 3.1MB 1.4 Download
SwitchBlade firmware (.bex) 37KB 1.0 Download



File Size Version Link
O2EBlade user manual (PDF) 2.4MB 1.3 Download
O2EBlade firmware (.bex) 54KB 1.8 Download