Coherent Solutions Releases IQFROG, the New Optical Pulse Analyzer

Ultra-short pulses in the order of femtoseconds and picoseconds are finding its way into various industrial applications from micromachining to optical sensing and imaging. Due to their extremely short time duration, they cannot be characterized using electrical test and measurement tools. Frequency-Resolved Optical Gating (FROG) technique uses autocorrelation of the pulses itself to characterize its intensity and phase profile, giving you a complete characterization of the optical pulse. Coherent Solutions, who have been providing FROG optical pulse analyzer solutions since 2001, released their latest and the greatest optical pulse analyzer, the IQFROG.

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, May 17, 2016 – Coherent Solutions of Auckland, New Zealand announced the release of their IQFROG, the newly updated optical pulse analyzer. IQFROG features newly improved software and new hardware architecture for increased robustness and stability.

The new software is optimized to measure a wider range of pulse characteristics, including broad chirped pulses used for Chirped Pulse Amplification (CPA). The multi-functional software controls the hardware, monitors the Second Harmonic Spectrum and performs the FROG algorithm intensity and phase recovery to make it the most user-friendly optical pulse analyzer on the market.

The IQFROG hardware comes in two varieties: IQFROG 1.5 micron and IQFROG 1.0 micron, each optimized for the specific wavelength ranges. Both versions come with 200ps of temporal scan range, making it the only optical pulse analyzer on the market that can measure pulses as broad as 50ps.

It is also the only FROG on the market that comes with a connectorized optical input as a standard feature, eliminating the need to perform input beam alignment – the most time consuming process in the operation of many optical pulse analyzers.

“IQFROG is the answer to situations where an autocorrelation trace is just not enough. Knowing the exact intensity and phase profiles of your pulse opens the door to a whole new level of insight into your research or product development. Now with IQFROG, harnessing this power is easier than ever.” said Dr Sung-Hoon Im, Director of Technical Sales of Coherent Solutions.

The IQFROG is commercially available immediately and will be on display at CLEO 2016, booth #2124, in San Jose, California, US.

More information and specifications about the IQFROG can be found here:

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