High-speed polarization controller & scrambler

Product status: DISCONTINUED as of 1 March 2019
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Automated polarization dependent testing at your fingertips.

Coherent Solutions’ PolBlade brings automation to polarization dependent testing procedures. With its fast rotation of waveplates, you can rotate or scramble the polarization of your signal from the comfort of your remote computer.

Whether you are optimizing coupling efficiency of a polarization sensitive device under test, or measuring the PDL of a component, the PolBlade is the convenient automated test mainframe. No more manual adjustment of paddles or tension screws: now you have the power to control the polarization via its intuitive software controller or using SCPI commands.


  • High speed polarization control
  • Preset or custom scramble modes
  • Repeatability < 0.02 dB
  • Low insertion loss providing higher performance
  • Supports wavelengths from 1260 nm to 1620 nm
  • Fully compatible with all MTP Blade modules
  • Remote PC control (Ethernet or USB)
  • Intuitive, easy to use software
  • 19-inch rack mountable

Ultimate scalability and versatility built-in

With the modular architecture, you can set up a testing platform with just the right number of polarization controllers to suit your current requirement while future proofing yourself with the potential to add more.

Product warranty

This product comes with a 3 year warranty.

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For more information, please download the PolBlade Spec Sheet which includes full technical specifications.

 PolBlade Spec Sheet

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