PassivePXIe – Passive Component Integration Module

Coherent Solutions’ PassivePXIe integrates passive components of your choice in a single or dual slot PXI module. 

PassivePXIe can be customized with a wide range of passive components: WDM couplers, splitters, circulators, band-pass filters, PM beamsplitters, MUX, DeMUX and more.

Standard PassivePXIe configurations

Model number Configuration Slot count
PassivePXIe-1001-FA 1310nm 1×2 (50/50) splitter 1
PassivePXIe-1002-FA 1310nm 1×4 splitter (25/25/25/25) splitter 1
PassivePXIe-1003-FA CWDM8 MUX 2
PassivePXIe-1004-FA CWDM8 DeMUX 2
PassivePXIe-1005-FA 1310nm 1×2 (99/1) splitter 1
PassivePXIe-1006-FA CWDM4 MUX 1
PassivePXIe-1007-FA CWDM4 DeMUX 1
PassivePXIe-1008-FA 1550nm 1×2 (50/50) splitter 1
PassivePXIe-1009-FA 1550nm optical circulator 1
PassivePXIe-1010-FA 1310nm 1×8 splitter 2


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This product comes with a 1 year warranty.


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