IQTransmitter™ Coherent Modulation Transmitter

Industry Leading High Bandwidth of 40 GHz

The IQTransmitter enables quick and simple generation of phase modulated optical signals in one easy to use benchtop unit. It offers world-leading bandwidth of 40GHz, unrivalled by other commercially available coherent transmitters. Plus its unique range of customizations give you unrivalled flexibility and even greater value.


  • Choose from 40 GHz, 26 GHz or 11 GHz of bandwidth
  • Pattern independent Automatic Bias Control
  • High repeatability and reliability of optimized optical signals
  • Inbuilt narrow linewidth tunable laser
  • Perfect for M-QAM, M-PSK, CO-OFDM and custom modulation formats
  • Intuitive and user-friendly GUI
  • Complete remote control capability
  • Capable of supporting baud rates of up to 64 GBaud
  • Highly customizable to suit your needs

Generate 16QAM, 64QAM CO-OFDM & More

The IQTransmitter uses high bandwidth linear RF amplifiers to enable generation of any multi-level optical modulation formats when used with RF Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWG).

The Ideal ‘Golden’ Optical Signal Source

Generating and controlling phase modulated optical signals is made easy with the IQTransmitter. The IQTransmitter is referred to as a ‘Golden’ reference optical signal source because of its high repeatability and reliability.

Its unrivalled high bandwidth of 40 GHz (typical) ensures high-quality optical signal generation, making it the ideal optical signal source for coherent communications applications.

One User-friendly GUI for all the Instruments

IQSignal Manager application - Complex Modulation Transmitter Software
The ‘IQSignal-Manager’ software enables simple set up and control of the IQTransmitter. IQSignal-Manager automatically discovers any compatible instrument on the Local Area Network so you can monitor and control the IQTransmitter from the comfort of your own desk.

Complex Modulation Signals Generated with the IQTransmitter

High quality 64QAM signal at 56 GBaud – EVM ~6.8%

A high quality 64QAM signal at 56GBaud. EVM ~ 6.8%

High quality 16QAM signal at 56 GBaud – EVM ~ 9.5%

A high quality 16QAM signal at 56GBaud. EVM ~ 9.5%

High quality DP-QPSK signal at 28 GBaud – EVM ~ 5.55%

A high quality DP-QPSK signal at 28 GBaud. EVM ~ 5.55%

High quality DP-16QAM signal at 21 GBaud – EVM ~ 5.62%

A high quality DP-16QAM signal at 21 GBaud. EVM ~ 5.62%

Product Warranty

This product comes with a 3 year warranty.

Configure the IQTransmitter to your needs


  • 40 GHz, 26 GHz or 11 GHz system bandwidth
  • Adjustable IQ RF delay (external part)
  • Internal narrow linewidth, tunable laser – C and/or L band

Talk to our experts to help design your best configuration in accordance with your current set-up, target outcome & budget.

Introducing the Full Dual-Polarization IQTransmitter

Full Dual-Polarization IQTransmitter - Complex Modulation Transmitter
The full dual-polarization IQTransmitter is a leader in its class; providing more capability, more flexibility and greater ease of use.
For applications requiring loading and transmission of true data, the full dual-polarization IQTransmitter provides capability to transmit independent data on all four tributary RF channels.

The full dual-polarization IQTransmitter is compatible with any 4 channel PPG or AWG; and a wide range of options are available to optimize your investment.

IQTransmitter – FDP Schematic Diagram

IQTransmitter - FDP Schematic Diagram

Versatile Configuration Options for FDP

Full Dual-Pol M-QAM, M-PSK & Arbitrary Signal Generation

When used in conjunction with an appropriate 4 channel AWG (or two dual-channel synchronized AWG’s), fully independent Dual-Pol M-QAM optical signals can be synthesized. This enables the R&D Engineer to generate optical data streams that reflect current state-of-art long-haul optical communication systems.

Full Dual-Pol M-QAM, M-PSK & Arbitrary Signal Generation

Full Dual-Pol M-QAM, M-PSK & Arbitrary Signal Generation

Pattern Independent Automatic Bias Controller

The IQTransmitter is an ideal ‘Golden Standard’ reference in terms of Repeatability and Reliability. The use of our new improved Automatic Bias Control (ABC) makes it easy for engineers to bias at a desired location. ABC’s high stability ensures that bias points are maintained at the desired location. The ABC allows engineers to work with Arbitrary modulation formats including M-QAM, M-PSK, etc. Our dedicated software for ABC offers complete remote operation capability allowing the user to control the setup even while travelling. These features make the Coherent Solutions’ IQTransmitter a superb plug-and-play R&D optical signal generator.

Intuitive GUI

Intuitive ‘IQSignal-Manager‘ for More Flexibility in Modulator Bias Control
The ‘IQSignal-Manager’ is the dedicated bias control software to adjust individual bias settings or select automatic optimization, which lets you quickly and effortlessly generate optimized signals with coherent modulation format such as QPSK, 16QAM or 64QAM.

Download Spec Sheet

For full technical specifications, download the IQTransmitter spec sheet.

 IQTransmitter Spec Sheet (English) 


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