IQTX™ Coherent Modulation Transmitter

High Bandwidth of 40 GHz

The IQTX enables quick and simple generation of phase modulated optical signals in one easy to use benchtop unit. Its high-speed bandwidth of 40GHz and unique range of customizations gives you excellent flexibility and even greater value.


high channel densityGenerate 16QAM & more

The IQTX uses high bandwidth linear RF amplifiers to enable generation of any multi-level optical modulation formats when used with RF Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWG).

tunable across C or L bandHigh-quality signal generation

With bandwidth of up to 40 GHz, generate baud rates up to 80 GBaud. 40 GHz bandwidth is perfect for 600 Gbps signals based on 56 GBaud 64QAM modulation format.

smarter calibrationHigh performance ABC

Modulation format and data independent Automatic Bias Controller tracks and compensates for any bias drifts so you can set and forget.

 0.01pm tuning resolutionNarrow linewidth laser

The built-in tunable laser with a narrow 100 KHz linewidth and 15 dBm of output power is an ideal laser source for coherent modulation formats. You can also use your own laser if preferred.

seamless PXI integration

Dual polarization emulator

Single polarization IQTX models come with a dual polarization emulator which optically multiplexes a time delayed copy of the single polarization signal.

versatileVersatile configuration

Supports full dual polarization, emulated dual polarization or single polarization.

seamless PXI integrationEffective & user-friendly GUI

CohesionUI provides simple set up and full software control. Automatically discover compatible instruments on the Local Area Network and control the IQTX from the comfort of your own desk.

seamless PXI integrationUSB and Ethernet operation

Connect with USB and/or Ethernet for simple setup and operation.

1 year warranty_60x60Product warranty

This product comes with a standard 1 year warranty. Optional 3 or 5 year extended warranties are also available.

The Ideal ‘Golden’ Optical Signal Source

Generating and controlling phase modulated optical signals is made easy with the IQTX. The IQTX is referred to as a ‘Golden’ reference optical signal source because of its high repeatability and reliability.

Its unrivalled high bandwidth of 40 GHz (typical) ensures high-quality optical signal generation, making it the ideal optical signal source for coherent communications applications.

Complex Modulation Signals Generated with the IQTX

High quality 64QAM signal at 56 GBaud – EVM ~6.8%

A high quality 64QAM signal at 56GBaud. EVM ~ 6.8%

High quality 16QAM signal at 56 GBaud – EVM ~ 9.5%

A high quality 16QAM signal at 56GBaud. EVM ~ 9.5%

High quality DP-QPSK signal at 28 GBaud – EVM ~ 5.55%

A high quality DP-QPSK signal at 28 GBaud. EVM ~ 5.55%

High quality DP-16QAM signal at 21 GBaud – EVM ~ 5.62%

A high quality DP-16QAM signal at 21 GBaud. EVM ~ 5.62%

Download Spec Sheet

For full technical specifications, download the IQTX spec sheet.

 IQTX Spec Sheet


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