MTP1000 & MTPmini

Versatile and Cost-effective Modular Optical Test Platform

Product status: DISCONTINUED as of 1 March 2019
Find out about calibration, servicing and repairs for this product. For a suitable alternative we recommend our portfolio of PXI optical test modules.


Coherent Solutions’ MTP product line is a versatile and cost-effective optical test platform designed for manufacturing and research & development environments. The 9 or 2 bay chassis, versatile Blades, and intuitive software offer high-performance, unrivalled ease-of-use and deliver repeatable results across a wide range of optical testing applications.


The MTP1000 is a benchtop and rack-mountable chassis that can be configured with up to 9 individual Blades to meet your specific requirements. Replace multiple test instruments with one cost-effective platform for quick and simple automation of your testing set-up.


The MTPmini is a compact benchtop chassis with 2 Blade bays and comes equipped with a touchscreen for stand-alone operation. MTPmini lets you harness all the flexibility and connectivity of the MTP Blades in a convenient form factor.

Choose from a range of Blades


The MTP platform can be used for a wide range of applications in production and R&D environments. Our expertise in optical test and measurement ensures we understand your needs and can deliver customized solutions to match your specific test requirements.

Receiver stress testing

EDFA response linearity testing

Insertion loss testing

To find out whether the MTP platform is suitable for you please contact us with your testing requirements.


continuousReliable 24/7 continuous operation

The MTP has been designed for continuous operation and delivers repeatable round-the-clock performance. Benchtop or 19″ rack mountable to easily integrate into your workspace.

futureproofFuture-proofed scalability and versatility

Configure the perfect test system with the Blades to suit your current requirements while future-proofing your investment. Each MTP1000 holds up to 9 Blades, and you can seamlessly connect up to 1024 MTP1000 or MTPmini units.

autoFull automation of your test setup

Save valuable time and money setting up and controlling your test platform and improve the reliability of your testing procedures. Use SCPI commands to automate testing and control and monitor your MTP system remotely.

softwarePowerful and intuitive software

Control single Blades or multiple MTP systems with the easy-to-use graphical interface – Test Instrument Manager (TIM). Easily connect the MTP to your PC or network via USB or Ethernet.

3yrwarranty_60x603 year product warranty

This product comes with a 3 year warranty.

Customer testimonial

'We are very pleased with the performance and stability of this cost-effective modular test platform. The MTP1000 is the workhorse in our lab, used for multiple experiment setups throughout the day. Having our fourth LaserBlade unit installed on it says it all. The technical support of Coherent Solutions is great, answering our queries and meeting our needs timely. Investing in the MTP1000 to start an optical research laboratory is one of the best decisions we've ever made!'
Prof Yuping Huang
Stevens Institute of Technology

Powerful software for intuitive control

Test Instrument Manager (TIM) applicationThe MTP1000’s powerful software – Test Instrument Manager (TIM) – allows you to monitor the system status and directly control the individual blades and components from the intuitive graphical interface. Select for example an individual laser or arbitrary power profile over an entire wavelength range and spread the lasers over the C band. This intuitive software will save you time and effort in control and set up of the test platform.

MTP Lasers screengrab

Download Spec Sheet

For more information, download the MTP1000 and MTPmini Spec Sheet which includes full technical specifications.

MTP1000 and MTPmini Spec Sheet

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