Introducing the matrIQ™ Series

High-performance optical and photonic test capabilities in an ultra-compact design.

epIQ-Laser fine tuning resolution

Ultra-compact stackable design


calibrated readingsUncompromised performance



Plug and play with USB & Ethernet connectivity



Simple, intuitive operation with cohesionUI


autoFull control with SCPI and LabVIEW drivers


narrow linewidth

Excellent measurement correlation with our PXI modules

Simple, intuitive operation with cohesionUI

cohesionUI makes it simple to control matrIQ Series instruments from your PC or mobile device.


  • Cutting-edge design with a sleek modern interface
  • Cross device compatibility
  • Customizable views with large format mode
  • Remote network access.


matrIQ-Laser 1000 Series

Tunable Laser Source

Continuous Wave (CW), tunable laser source offering high-power output, narrow 100 kHz linewidth and 0.01 pm resolution tunability.

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matrIQ-Laser 1200 Series

CW Laser Source

Highly customizable continuous wave laser source available in a wide range of wavelengths and powers

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Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Compact grating-based optical spectrum analyzer available in a range of wavelengths for fast spectral analysis of sources, amplifiers, transceivers and passive optical components. Available in O, C or L band.

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Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier

High-power Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier for optical signal amplification in C and L bands. It is a versatile instrument with three control modes: constant power, constant current and constant gain mode.

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Optical-to-electrical Converter

Compact high-bandwidth, broadband optical-to-electrical converter with 1 or 2 channels, AC or DC coupling, and various conversion gain and operating wavelength ranges.

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Variable Optical Attenuator

Fast attenuation speed, low insertion loss and in-built power meter. Available in a range of wavelengths for wide range of applications.

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MEMS-based Optical Switch

Fast and repeatable MEMs-based optical switch with low insertion loss and high-durability. Available in a range of configurations in single-mode or multi-mode.

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matrIQ-Power 1400 Series

Optical Power Meter

Fast monitoring of signal power from -60 to +10 dBm and broad wavelength range of 750 – 1700 nm.

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matrIQ-Power 1500 Series

Optical Power Meter with Analog Output

Logarithmic analog output plus convenient digital optical power readout. -60 to +10dBm power monitoring across 750 – 1700 nm wavelength range.

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Compact Photonic Doppler Velocimetry

The matrIQ-Doppler combines the key optical components for PDV measurements in a compact instrument to enable streamlined low channel count PDV test setups.

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