O2E – Optical-to-electrical Converter

The O2E is a compact high-bandwidth, broadband optical to electrical converter available in a range of configurations.

It’s available with 1 or 2 channels, AC or DC coupling, and various conversion gain and operating wavelength ranges.

With its stackable, compact design and intuitive software controls, it’s is a perfect choice for the optical lab or test bench.


DC or ACDC or AC coupled

Choose from DC or AC coupling to suit your specific test application.

amplified RF outputAmplified RF output

Various conversion gain options allow you to easily measure low power, high speed optical signals.

high bandwodthHigh bandwidth

Our high performing O2E allows you to successfully test high baudrate signals with up to 50GHz of bandwidth.

 calibrated readingsCalibrated readings

Onboard storage of calibration data can be accessed via SCPI commands, making it easier to generate calibrated measurements and scale your measurement capabilities.

narrow linewidthVarious wavelength ranges

The O2E can be customized to a wide range of wavelengths and is suitable for single mode and multimode applications.

low insertion lossSimple, intuitive operation with CohesionUI

CohesionUI makes it simple to control the O2E from your PC or mobile device. Its cutting edge design offers a sleek modern interface, cross device compatibility, customizable views and remote network access.

narrow linewidth

Ultra compact and flexible form factor

Housed in a compact and robust metallic case, its extremely small footprint helps you make the most of your available bench space.

narrow linewidth

Excellent measurement correlation with our optical PXI modules

Shared product architecture lets you validate your system and test requirements in the lab, and scale up to high-volume automated production testing with the O2E PXIe module.

3arranty_60x60Product warranty

This product comes with a 3 year warranty.

Ultra Compact Form Factor

Our MATRIQ products are extremely compact and housed in a robust metallic case to help you make the most of your available bench space.



  • Optical signal eye diagram measurement
  • Relative intensity noise (RIN) measurement
  • Optical pulse characterization
  • Modulation depth measurement
  • Extinction ratio measurement
  • Precision timing/triggering
  • Frequency response measurement of devices

Download Spec Sheet

For more information, please download the O2E Spec Sheet which includes full technical specifications.

 O2E Spec Sheet


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