IQTLS – Tunable CW Laser Source

Product status: DISCONTINUED
Find out about calibration, servicing and repairs for this product. For a suitable alternative we recommend the matrIQ-Laser or LaserPXIe tunable laser sources.


The IQTLS is a continuous wave (CW) laser source combining high-power output, narrow 100kHz linewidth and 0.01pm resolution tunability. Available in single or dual laser configurations, this tunable laser source can be controlled locally via USB or Ethernet ports and is SCPI VXI-11 compliant.

The IQTLS is a cost-effective solution for applications including coherent / Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing (OFDM) transmission and WDM network emulation.


  • Benchtop Tunable Laser Source
  • Narrow 100kHz linewidth
  • Full tunability across C band
  • Smarter calibration for enhanced power flatness
  • 0.01pm tuning resolution
  • Up to 15dBm of power
  • Single or dual laser configurations
  • Remote PC control (Ethernet or USB)
  • Intuitive, easy to use software

Superior Power Accuracy

The IQTLS provides advanced calibration for flat power response, ideal for applications including coherent / OFDM transmission and WDM networks.

Instant & Intuitive Local Control

You can control wavelength and power for one or both lasers via the dial on the front panel of the IQTLS – one simple intuitive control for immediate results.

Powerfully Intuitive Remote PC Control

Test Instrument Manager (TIM)_applicationThe Test Instrument Manager (TIM) application puts remote control at your fingertips via the USB or Ethernet ports on the rear of the unit. This powerful and intuitive software gives you immediate access to view status, and control the laser(s) remotely. And as it is SCPI compliant – you can automate your commands at will.

'Test Instrument Manager' for the Tunable Laser Source

Smarter Calibration for more Powerful Characterization

Coherent Solutions’ IQTLS (Tunable Laser Source) provide superior power calibration to ensure a flat power response. With all the tunable lasers fully software controlled, you can see how well each is characterized to work together for even results.

Typical ITLA Lasers

This figure illustrates the typical output power accuracy of standard ITLA lasers. The output power of each is recorded using a NIST traceable optical power meter. Measurements from each laser are taken at 10 different wavelengths for 7 different power settings. The data is taken from random sample of 12 lasers.

Mean error (abs) = 0.25dB
Pk-Pk error = 1.038dB

IQTLS with Power Calibration

This figure illustrates the results of the same measurements, when the lasers are integrated into the IQTLS and controlled via the TIM application. The output power is now within 0.2dB across the entire range.

Mean error (abs) = 0.03dB
Pk-Pk error = 0.20dB

Product Warranty

This product comes with a 3 year warranty.

Download Spec Sheet

For full technical specifications, please download the IQTLS (Tunable Laser Source) Spec Sheet.

 IQTLS Spec Sheet (English)  

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