Coherent Solutions’ IQABC with its advanced ABC (Automatic Bias Control) algorithm, accurately and reliably controls and optimizes all the modulator bias points regardless of the modulation format or pattern. Now you just need to hit the AUTO button and focus on your research without worrying if your modulator is biased correctly.

Optimizing DC bias points of an IQ modulator is no trivial task. There are six different Mach-Zehnder structures inside one dual polarization IQ modulator, all simultaneously influencing the properties of a single optical signal. Trying to optimize bias points using just the intensity measurement of the optical signal is time consuming, inaccurate and it requires a lot of knowledge and experience.

But worry no more, IQABC is here to help. With its robust and adaptive ABC algorithm, IQABC will take care of finding optimal bias points and maintaining optimization against any bias drifts or changes to the driving signal. So put IQABC to work and enjoy having a stable and reliable optical signal for all your testing and development needs.