Introducing the epIQ Series

Coherent Solutions’ epIQ Series of versatile benchtop instruments offer optical-electrical capabilities with powerful and intuitive software.


4-Channel Bit Error Rate Tester

epIQ-BERT is a 4-channel BER Tester for the design, characterization and production of optical transceivers and opto-electrical components at data rates up to 29 Gbps. With 4-channels and exceptional signal fidelity, epIQ-BERT is a cost-effective solution for 100 Gbps test systems.

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4-channel Sampling Oscilloscope

epIQ-Scope is a compact and versatile 4-channel 25 GHz bandwidth sampling oscilloscope suitable for a wide range of applications.

With industry-leading 16-bit resolution, 60 dB dynamic range and a sequential sampling rate of 1 MS/s, it enables the quick formation of waveforms, eye diagrams and histograms for cost-effective and efficient

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CW Tunable Swept Laser Source

epIQ-Laser is a swept tunable continuous wave laser source. High quality grating paired with state-of-the-art micro-electromechanics tuning mechanism for quick, voltage-controlled wavelength tuning and exceptional reliability. With 0.009dB power stability and 200nm/s high-speed scan rate, it is the perfect time-saving tool for R&D applications as well as production testing.

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Our expertise in harnessing, manipulating and measuring the physical properties of light enables us to solve complex test and measurement challenges across a broad range of applications and industries. If you don’t see what you need, contact us today at

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