Coherent Solutions announces new name and targets new markets in photonics test and measurement.

Visit our new website at www.quantifiphotonics.com.

AUCKLAND, NZ, September 15 2020, – Coherent Solutions, a world leader in coherent optical communication and photonics test and measurement has today announced a new name, Quantifi Photonics. The new brand supports the company’s growth into new markets as it develops innovative test solutions across a broader range of applications and industries.

Coherent Solutions was founded in 2012 to deliver the world’s highest-performing test and measurement instruments for coherent optical communications.

Andy Stevens, CEO of Quantifi Photonics says, “Our new name, Quantifi Photonics, reflects our vision of transforming the world of photonics test and measurement. As optical communication technologies evolve, customers are asking for new solutions for challenges that are complex, time consuming and costly to solve.”

More customers are demanding fully-integrated and turn-key test systems as optical technologies find their way into new applications, and test and measurement requirements become more complex. Global investment into 5G, autonomous vehicles, secure communications, and satellite internet networks are providing exciting new challenges for test and measurement companies.

“We’re incredibly proud of the reputation we established for Coherent Solutions and look forward to continue working with companies that are developing tomorrow’s photonics technologies,” says Andy. “While our name has changed, our excitement about developing innovative test and measurement solutions to help our customers succeed is stronger than ever.”

The company is continuing to invest in coherent optical communications having recently signed an exclusive partnership with Tektronix Inc. to supply Optical Modulation Analyzer (OMA) systems. Quantifi Photonics is also focused on supplying complete transceiver test systems for 400G and beyond, with the upcoming release of a PAM4 BERT module for the PXI platform in Q4 2020.

Andy Stevens unveiled the new Quantifi Photonics brand at 8am on September 15.

Visit the new Quantifi Photonics website at www.quantifiphotonics.com.

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