23 MAY 2019 – NIWeek, Austin Convention Center, Texas

Traditionally PXI has been an electrical-only test platform,  meaning optical transceiver and sub-component manufacturers had to carry out complex integration of electrical and optical instruments to conduct industry specification testing and quality assurance.

Coherent Solutions’ new optical PXI instruments allow the optical testing required for transceivers and their subcomponents to be integrated into one consistent and flexible test and measurement platform, reducing footprint size and accelerating testing throughput.

The demonstration shows a few of the typical tests that manufacturers and customers of high speed optical transceivers perform to ensure they meet industry standards and will have proper interoperability when communicating with other transceivers.

  • Eye Pattern testing of the lasers in the optical transceivers.
  • Optical Spectrum Analysis of all the lasers.
  • Bit Error Rate (BER) testing of the transceiver at optical sensitivity limits.
100G 400G optical transceiver testing in PXI

Coherent Solutions’ 100G/400G optical transceiver live test demonstration at NIWeek 2019


Demonstration setup


Wiring diagram used for the 100G/400G optical transceiver testing demonstration at NIWeek 2019


For simplicity, the 100Gb demonstration was conducted with a 4x25Gb transceiver using NRZ (non-return-to-zero) modulation. To reach 400Gb speeds, transceivers employ a variety of techniques but one method would be four channels at 50Gb/s utilizing PAM-4 four-level signaling.

The PXIe instruments were manually controlled using Coherent Solutions’ cohesionUI software. In production, users would typically use LabView, LabWindows, Python, C++, all of which are supported with drivers.

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