Calibration & Repairs

Our priority is making sure you are always equipped with high-performing solutions to achieve your testing goals. We support your investment decisions with calibration and repairs for a minimum of 5 years from the date of purchase.

When your equipment needs calibration or repairs, you’ll receive swift and personalized service from our highly-qualified support staff.

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Product support

Active Yes Yes Yes
Discontinued (2 year duration) Limited* Yes Yes
Obsolete (3 year duration) No Yes Yes
Not Supported No Limited No

*5 year minimum support may be affected by part availability and if product is secured under a life-cycle management plan.

Instrument calibration

Ensuring your instruments are performing to specification means you can continue to rely on your test results.

With an instrument calibration performed by Coherent Solutions service engineers you will receive:

  • A full calibration of all instrument specifications
  • A comprehensive inspection to ensure all functions work as expected
  • Firmware, software and documentation updates
  • A Certificate of Calibration which includes detailed performance results

We recommend all Coherent Solutions instruments are calibrated every 12 months. Exceptions: optical switches and passive modules recommended calibration interval is every 18 months.

To request a calibration service, please complete the Calibration Request Form.

Calibration plans

To help maintain continuity of your test and measurement system, we offer 3 and 5 year annual calibration plans.

Our calibration offerings enable you to predict costs and plan around your business requirements. They are also a cost-effective way to ensure your test and measurement systems are performing at their best.

Please speak to your Coherent Solutions sales representative or email for more details.

See the Warranty & Terms web page for more information.

Instrument service & repairs

Sometimes equipment may suffer damage, or its performance might degrade over time, e.g. due to a buildup of dirt or contamination on fiber connectors. In these circumstances you may need to return the instrument for inspection and possible repair.

Notes: Before any repairs begin, you will be provided a full quote including any applicable freight costs. A test setup fee will apply to any returned instrument that, after test, performs to its expected specifications.

How to request a Return Mechandise Authorization (RMA) for a faulty or defective instrument

  • Fill in the RMA Request form and provide all relevant information with a detailed description of the suspected defects, including any associated conditions and symptoms.
  • Our support team will determine if the equipment requires repair, or whether the issue can be addressed via remote support.
  • If your RMA request is approved by Coherent Solutions, you will be provided a RMA number along with shipping instructions.
  • Once repairs are completed, your equipment will be returned with a RMA report detailing the repair.