VOABlade – Modular Variable Optical Attenuator

 The VOABlade is a reliable, fast and high density attenuation solution for research and continuous-production environments.

The VOABlade seamlessly integrates with the MTP1000 or MTPmini chassis, allowing for customization and scalability if required. With up to 9 VOABlades in a single MTP1000, you have up to 36 individual attenuators – which can be controlled individually or in sync through one, intuitive software application. Each VOAblade has an integrated power meter for precise output power control, even with fluctuating input.

Key features

  • Modular Test Platform with your choice of blades
  • Your choice of 2 or 4 attenuators per blade
  • Choose between broad and narrow wavelength
  • Integrated Power Meters for precise output power control
  • Polarization-maintaining fiber compatible
  • Compatible with the LaserBlade, PowerBlade, SwitchBlade & PolBlade
  • Remote PC control (Ethernet or USB)
  • Intuitive, easy to use software
  • 19-inch rack mountable


VOABlade is designed to be used in continuous production environments, so that your testing can run reliably even when you are not around, 24/7. It is built to the highest standards using components with high Mean-Time-Between-Failure (MTBF) specifications to minimize any potential downtime in your production.

Stable power output

The built-in power meter and power stabilization function lets you set and maintain the output power stability even when the input power fluctuates. You will get reliable and repeatable test results, each and every time.

Select the best fit for your application

You can choose the broad wavelength range model for versatility or the narrow wavelength models for the best accuracy and performance.

VOABlade power control

This graph illustrates how quickly Coherent Solutions’ VOA moves to the desired setpoint.

VOABlade power stability – power mode

This graph illustrates the power output stability of < 0.005 dB RMS at various power setpoints.

Intuitive and functional software interface

tim-voabladeThe control software for MTP1000, Test Instrument Manager (TIM), uses graphical representation of the instrument for intuitive control of connected units. The same software controls different types of Blade modules to save you time and effort in control and set up of the test platform.

Ultimate scalability and versatility built-In

With the modular architecture, you can set up a testing platform with just the right number of attenuators to suit your current requirement while future proofing yourself with the potential to add more.

Each VOABlade holds 2 or 4 attenuators, the MTP unit has capacity for 9 blades, enabling you with up to 36 attenuators per unit and up to 1024 units per configuration.

3 year product warranty

3yr-WarrantyAll Coherent Solutions’ products come with a standard 3 year warranty. Our team’s experience and extensive product knowledge provide total peace of mind.

Download Spec Sheet

For more information, please download the VOABlade Spec Sheet which includes full technical specifications.

VOABlade Spec Sheet


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