SwitchPXIe – PXI Optical Switch

Automate your testing procedure and save time with the SwitchPXIe optical switch designed for the PXI Platform.

The SwitchPXIe is your efficient solution for test procedure automation. The MEMS-based optical switch ensures repeatable and low-loss switching to various test set-ups and brings new mixed-signal testing capability to the PXI Platform.


  • Seamless integration with PXIe chassis
  • Wide variety of port configurations
  • Proven MEMS durability and reliability
  • Repeatability < 0.02 dB
  • Low insertion loss
  • Supports single-mode and multi-mode applications
  • Designed for continuous-production and research environments


The Optical SwitchPXIe is designed to be used in continuous production environments, so that your testing can run reliably . It is built to the highest standards using components with high Mean-Time-Between-Failure (MTBF) specifications to minimize any potential downtime in your production.

Ultimate scalability and versatility built-in

With the modular architecture, you can set up a testing platform with just the right number of optical switches to suit your current requirement while future proofing

1 year product warranty

This product comes with a 1 year warranty.

Download Spec Sheet

For more information, please download the SwitchPXIe Spec Sheet which includes full technical specifications.

SwitchPXIe Preliminary Spec Sheet


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