SLEDBlade – Broadband Optical Source

The SLEDBlade is a superluminescent LED light source with high output power, large bandwidth and low spectral ripple. Available in various wavelength ranges.

Its modular design allows for seamless integration with the MTP1000 chassis and it can be used with any combination of Coherent Solutions’ MTP Blades. Build a customized optical test platform to help you deliver reliable and repeatable results in manufacturing or research and development environments.

The MTP1000 and SLEDBlade offer exceptional scalability – each MTP1000 chassis has capacity for 9 Blades.


  • Modular Test Platform with your choice of blades
  • High output power
  • Large bandwidth
  • Low spectral ripple
  • Various wavelength ranges available
  • Compatible with all MTP Blades including VOABlade, PowerBlade, SwitchBlade & PolBlade
  • Remote PC control (Ethernet or USB)
  • Intuitive, easy to use software
  • 19-inch rack mountable

3 year product warranty

3yr-WarrantyAll Coherent Solutions’ products come with a standard 3 year warranty. Our team’s experience and extensive product knowledge provide total peace of mind.

Download Spec Sheet

For more information, download the SLEDBlade Spec Sheet which includes full technical specifications.

SLEDBlade Spec Sheet


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