Original Equipment Manufacturer

Global leaders in the photonic test and measurement market trust and rely on Coherent Solutions as their source of new product ideas and opportunities.

As a Test & Measurement product development specialist in the field of Coherent Optical Communications, we understand the market and the technologies. This enables us to turn your product ideas into reality quickly and efficiently, so that you can reap the benefits of a short time-to-market.

Do you…

  • Have product concepts but need help to quantify the market opportunity and prove the technology?
  • Have products in the market which need to take a technology leap to maintain or grow market share?
  • Have products in different markets which you believe can form the foundation of a successful photonic instrumentation product line?
  • Have a new technology or concept which you would like to take to market but do not have a Manufacturing partner or Sales/Marketing channel?

If you are in the photonic instrumentation market and are wanting to expand your product portfolio, please contact us now. Your new product launch may be closer to you than you think.

This is what our partners say about us:

“It is apparent that the optical communications expertise and knowledge of the OMA market that Coherent Solutions brought to the table was invaluable, not only to us but also to our customers. Moving forward, both of our sales and application engineering teams will continue to work closely together. Customers are already seeing the benefit of this approach and we anticipate that together with Coherent Solutions we will rapidly take a leadership position in this market.”

Robert Petrillo

VP Worldwide Sales & Marketing

Teledyne LeCroy

“EXFO identified a gap in its product portfolio for a multi-channel tunable source required in DWDM testing and R&D applications. With the support of Coherent Solutions who has already developed the technology and proven the market, we have been able to take this product to market very quickly. Coherent Solutions is proving to be a very agile and effective OEM partner.”

Francois Robitaille

Group Manager

System Product Line Manager


For more information about OEM/ODM capabilities, please contact us.